Baile Tusnad (Tusnad Bath)

46.146767, 25.864700

It is the first marked tourist route from Băile Tuşnad. The route starts from the center of the resort, passes by the Mikes and Apor springs and reaches the edge of the forest. This is where the paved street ends, the trail continues on a beaten path. About approx. 10 minutes of walking, the trails marked with red - cross and a red dot bifurcate. The first trail, marked with a red cross, leads to the Mohoş Peat Bog and Saint Ana Lake Natura 2000 site, and the second, marked with a red dot, goes to the left and continues on the slope of Mount Surdoc on a comfortable hiking trail. After another 15-20 minutes of easy walk, at an altitude of 762 m, you reach the Apor Bastion. After you spent time at the belvedere, for the return journey there are two ways: either you return on the route described above, either in the other direction to the Ludmilla Panorama, on the small valley descends a marked path, which reaches the resort just next to Hotel Ciucaş. Apor Baston, thanks to Count Apor Károly, was built in 1883 at the bottom of the Surduc peak. This bastion is a panoramic point that has never been used as a strategic objective, as it was wrongly mentioned in some descriptions before. From inside of the bastion we have an admirable view over the Băile Tuşnad town, the Tuşnad gorge, the Olt River and the Falcon Stone Nature Reserve.

Marking: red dot.
Route duration: approx. 15-20 min.
Distance: 1.2 km.
Level difference: 85 m.
Slope: 5.2%.

It is the shortest and most comfortable route, recommended for all ages. Trained tourists, with a proper physical condition, can also cover it by bicycles.
The route can be done either individually or in the company of a tourist guide, who organizes groups with minimum of 4 people.

For more information, please call: 0740 911 119

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