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The Saint Ana Lake


Zona Lacul Sf. Anna

46.126199, 25.886879



The Saint Ana Lake

Lake Saint Ana is the only wholy remaining volcanic crater lake of south-east Europe. It formed in one of the twin-craters of the Nagy Csomad, member of the Csomad mountain group. Its altitude is 950 m above sea-level.

The lake shaped almost as a perfect circle has a surface of 22 hectares, a circumference of 1737 m, and an average depth of 4 metres. It does not have a spring, its water is supplied by the melting of the snows of the surrounding mountains. The lake is separated from the peat moor only by a narrow saddle.

Its flora and fauna is quite poor because of its low concentration of salts. On the northern, north-western shores the lake started to fill up, its bottom is covered by a thick layer of mud.

Near the lake you can find the Saint Ana chapel where a patronal festival is held every year on the day of Saint Ana when Catholic believers come on a pilgrimage to the chapel.

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